Refugee Studies Journal No.2

Table of Contents

Reflections on Refugee Protection

Sosuke Seki, "The Situation and Problems with the Refugee Recognition Procedure in Japan"Revisited
Yasufumi Moritani, A Reflection on the Progress of Refugee Social Work Research in Japan: A focus on Asylum Seekers

Kohki Abe, Transforming National Borders for "les sans-parts": A Critical Reflection on the Refugee Determination Procedure

Daisuke Sugimoto, Achievements and Challenges in Refugee Litigation in Japan
Goro Koto, The Difficulties of the Asylum Seekers' Struggle to get out of Poverty
Lee Ho-Taeg, The Processes, Contents, and Remaining Gaps in the Korean Refugee Act
Brian Barbour, Protection in Practice: The Situation of Refugees in East Asia
Jane Freedman, Persecution and Protection: Gender and Asylum in the European Union

Case Law Situation in Japan, 2011/ Case Law Commentary Overseas/ Refugee Trend Analysis in Japan, 2011/ Refugee Trend Analysis Overseas, 2011/ Current issues of the Refugee Law (C-31) in Canada/ Literature Introduction: Japan/ Literature Introduction: Overseas/ Bibliographic List in Japan, 2011






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