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The Refugee Studies Forum is looking for volunteers who will help us construct a database on refugee research materials.

The construction of search function of books, articles, etc.
(The construction will be done in MySQL+php)

Experience in website database construction (My SQL +php)
Abilities in design is not required

・Place of work
Work may be done at the volunteer's home,
with occasional meetings in our office

Approx. 1 month (can be flexible)

Unpaid (a limited amount of transportation costs will be covered)

・How to apply
Please send us an email to:

Should you have any further questions, please contact:
Tsutsui (03-5379-6001 /

On July 29, The Japan Times Online issued an article on the launch of the Refugee Studies Forum.

Read the full article here:
The Japan Times 'Refugee studies forum created' (Thursday, July 29, 2010)

The Chairperson's Message

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Considerations on the Refugee Issue and the Significance of the Refugee Studies Forum

Hiroshi Homma

Although global awareness of human rights issues has increased, the human rights of countless people all over the world continue to be violated through oppression. This oppression, from which "any common person would feel pain," drains people of their dignity. It is often so cruel that it amounts to the level of persecution. Many people who endure these harsh conditions are forced to flee their country and enter another as a refugee, or struggle to survive as internally displaced persons (IDPs), wandering from place to place for seeking a marginally safer region within their own country. Such people's hope for salvation is in the good will and assistance of the international community, unless improvements in the regime of their country of origin are realized and the root causes of their oppression are eliminated.